Stabilized Rice Bran

Rich bran, the outer part of rice kernel is the most nutritious part of grain. It contains 65% of the nutrients present in the grain, states In a nutshell, around two-third of nutrients of rice are present in rice bran. Since ancient times, rice bran, has been very popular among the mothers as rice bran was thought to have some healing effect over their ill children. Once considered to be too perishable and unable to process for human consumption, rice bran has become a health craze during 1970's and 1980's. Finally, during January 1997, when the Food and Drug Administration gave rice bran the stamp as having capacity to reduce the risk of heart disease when combined with low fat diet, people become aware that rice bran can have better use than feeding animals, burning as fuels or just being discarded each year. Unfortunately, being too perishable, the rice bran is destroyed within, separating from the kernel. Actually, the outer layer of the rice kernel contains an enzyme named lipase that makes the rice bran rancid within hours after harvesting. Since more than last fifty years, countries worldwide are striving to form stabilized rice bran. Ultimately after the invention of extrusion technology, stabilized rice bran has achieved the place of world's leading and truly affordable combatant to fight against world hunger. Thus, the once discarded grain is now distributed to government, non-profit food companies and other organizations globally as weapons against malnutrition, observes Containing no chemical or additives, stabilized rice bran restores the whole two-third nutrients of rich kernel without any kind of harm. Stabilized rice bran has made possible the proper use of over sixty million metric tons of rice bran. Becoming popular day, by day the stabilized rice bran is now being commercialized by companies worldwide. In modern times around ten pounds of newly harvested organic rice is utilized to make around one pound of stabilized rice bran. Organic rice bran has multiple uses. It is rich in dietary fiber and contains significant quantity of starch, protein, fat, vitamins and dietary minerals. Organic rich bran contains 12 % to 13 % oil and highly unsaponifiable components (4.3%). Organic rice bran has enzymes like tocotrienol, gamma - oryzanol and beta - sitosterol that contribute to the lowering of the plasma levels of various parameters of lipid profile. In addition to that, organic rice bran has ferulic acid that has useful effect over the structure of non-lignified cell wall, according to For this rich nutrition content, organic rice bran is nowadays being wildly used as an important food supplement. Besides being used as an important food supplement, organic rice bran has other uses also. Japanese people add this to water while boiling bamboo shoots to use it for dish washing.

Stabilized rice bran provides the diabetics with a new weapon. Scientists in Advanced Medical Research in Madison Wis have found out that patients having elevated cholesterol level have been able to lower their total serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels between 5% and 15 % consuming 20 gms stabilized rice bran per day. As the usefulness of consuming stabilized rice bran includes more energy, weight loss, a better balance in blood sugar, a renewal of health and a youth full look and feel, stabilized rice bran can also be used as a weapon to fight against epidemic of obesity and thus, indirectly combating diabetes stabilized rice bran has another stunning characteristics, states It contains over hundred antioxidants. The research among the doctors has revealed that taking antioxidant can reduce the risk of death from any cause in half for the elderly persons aged between sixty seven to hundred and five. Moreover, the National Cancer Institute made a study in 1993 over 40 with the result showing the power of antioxidant supplement in slashing Cancer deaths to 13% and increasing Cancer survival rates to 50%. It is also capable of reducing the possibility of heart attack, bypass surgery cardiac deaths, strokes and reducing the possibility of infection by increasing immunity up to 50%. Having a significant amount of starch stabilized rice bran can be a very good food supplement and is being used world wide as a complete food. It is being popular among the consumers day by day as it provides with the key to energetic life and improved overall health and vitality. Being produced from organic rice bran, stabilized rice bran is completely natural and totally harmless. Stabilized rice bran is used to enrich breads and breakfast cereals and is especially for the benefits of those persons interested to increase their intake of dietary fiber, states Nowadays, this specialized rice bran is even enhanced in taste and flavor by different commercial houses by adding flavors to it. This has again increased the popularity of stabilized rice bran among the modern consumers. Organic rice bran is world's oldest pet food. For the pet lovers, the health and vitality of the pet is no less important. Organic rice bran processed as stabilized rice bran can well supplement the pet with all necessary nutrients. Another use of stabilized rice bran worth mentioning is its use as food supplement for the rabbits and guinea pigs of laboratory. Rabbits and guinea pigs used for scientific experiment need complete food supplement to maintain a good health, according to Stabilized rice bran has how become almost indispensable in world food chart by combating malnutrition, mitigating against numerous dangerous diseases like diabetes and heart failure and slowing down ageing process.

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