Soluble Rice Bran

Known as harmless medication for diabetics, stabilized rice bran, can also be classified as an all-natural organic food that consists medical-health benefits. Though initially thought to be unfit for human consumption, rice bran, the outer part of rice kernel, has nowadays become a very important weapon to fight against the challenge of hunger throughout the world. Rice bran contains almost 75% nutrients of rice kernel, states To be specific, it would not be an exaggeration to say that bran, especially rice bran is becoming one of the most important sources of food as they are not only high in nutrients but are also very easily available. Since rice bran happens to be comparatively less expensive, it is easily affordable even to the third world countries. Moreover, in the company literature of California Nutracentical Company, Nutra Inc., rice bran has been termed as "the most nutritious food on earth". This information easily supports the growth of craze and demand for rice bran all over the world. Rice bran, in the form of organic rice bran, is nowadays strongly recommended by health experts. Organic rice bran can be considered as blessing for the seekers of healthier and more energetic life. Besides being a very good food supplement, it also happens to be a good weapon for those who are suffering from diabetes. Organic rice bran has been able to reduce by up to 30% of the blood sugar level of a small group of patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes, participating in a pilot study. Moreover, according to the report in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, one out of four patients having diabetes who took part in a 57-subject study were able to reduce their daily dose of insulin injection or medication after consuming stabilized rice bran regularly for just two months, states Practically, the diabetes research is the first human trial to explore the benefits of rice bran scientifically. While on the one hand Framingham Heart Study has showed that obese people with type 2 diabetes have 99% chance of developing heart disease, CDC, on the other hand has estimated that 35 million Americans have diabetes. In such a condition, where even the developed countries like America are threatened with epidemic of diabetes and epidemic of obesity, bran is easily comprehensive. The health experts have come to be unanimous over the fact that the epidemic of diabetes is largely linked to the epidemic of obesity and so, the most important solution for diabetics is to keep weight under control. This can be done most easily by appreciating food to one's diet and soluble rice bran can help this a lot. In recent times, more and more people are taking rice bran as nutritional supplement as rice bran has already been proved to be very good at lowering blood glucose levels. Studies have also revealed that consumption of a high-fiber diet lowers blood sugar level; though water-soluble rice bran, which topped the list, is not very high in fiber states

Besides being an appropriate food, benefits of stabilized rice bran include more energy, weight loss, better balance of blood sugars, a renewal of health, a youthful look and feel, reduction of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and much more. The stabilized rice bran consists of natural healing power that makes it a complete and effective natural supplement, states Regarding the discussion of stabilized rice bran one thing worth mentioning is Risotrience. A sophisticated proprietary process is used to extract this complete food supplement from stabilized rice bran. Stabilized rice bran consists of over seventy antioxidants that provide the body with the tool necessary to nourish and heal itself. Moreover, organic rice bran is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals that pollute the body of the consumer. Another best use of rice bran is in its soluble form. The soluble rice bran is considered as a complete nutrition drink. Soluble rice bran contains a proper balance of minerals, whey protein, fiber, essential oils, fatty acids, enzymes, and vitamins (including E and Co Q-10). In recent times, when the children world wide are suffering from the problems like malnutrition on one hand and obesity on the other hand, a good and well-balanced diet is extremely necessary. The low-fiber synthetic foods, fast foods, computer and a routine having no time for exercise have rendered the children patients with obesity and juvenile diabetes. On the other hand, the children of third world countries are suffering from lack of protein and proper nutrition, states Soluble rice bran can be a very good food supplement for both these two categories. This soluble rice bran, consumed in the form of nutritious drink can help the children to fight against obesity and diabetes on the one hand as well as save the mal-nutritious third world children by providing them with seven essentials. The Seven Essentials are strongly recommended worldwide by health experts and doctors for consumption of children as well as adults. Stabilized rice bran guarantees 5% to 15% reduction of total serum cholesterol and triglyceride level of patients with elevated cholesterol if consumed 20 grams per day. For those who have newly started concentrating on their health, stabilized rice bran is strongly recommended. Being fully natural, free from chemicals, easily available, less expensive and most importantly, full in nutrition content, soluble rice bran can confidently satisfy the full family and thus can become the most complete food on the planet, states

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